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  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Updated: Oct 14

In this photo, I am showing you two bins that I purchased from the dollar store, with the letters C and E. I used Puffed Pait for the initials.

  • I clip the tip of the paint tube to make it bigger. The paint will come out faster and wider.

  • Tap the paint, tip side down, on a paper towel on the counter, to get all the air bubbles out. You may still get a “poof” of paint in the


  • I slowly press the bottle with the tip on the paper towel, before putting it on the bin.

  • Paint your initials and let dry. If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip to clean up. Sometimes, I have to wipe the entire bin off, and start again.

  • Paper Towels Are Great..... aren’t they?!

I have these on the top shelf of our coat closet. It is convenient to reach in and get my gloves - plural. I don’’t know about you, but I have several colors with different textures and materials.

My husband keeps his gloves, hat and scarf. The important accessories needed, when he has to clean up the snow. Brrr. Just thinking https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ILZAX8/?tag=cmcneilf-20

of it, makes me shiver!

I’ve done the research for you. Great deal on six tubes of Tulip brand puff paint at Amazon. Note: If you purchase this item through this link, we may receive a % of the sale price.

  • revcheryl2

I use a double sided spatula, shown in photo. Similar to tongs. It is the size of a regular spatula, only there are two.

  • Slide bottom spatula under the burger, omelet, etc.

  • Gently squeeze the spatulas together

  • Then flip your burger, omelet, etc.

  • When done, do the same as above, and place your food on a plate.

  • Bon appétit!

I Admit... I was clumsy at firs. This would be great for sighted people as well. Especially for your little beginner cooks, wanting to cook their own French toast.

Here is a link on Amazon, prime elligible. Note: If you purchase through this link, we may receive a % of the sale price.