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  • revcheryl2

Updated: Nov 4

I use a double sided spatula, shown in photo. Similar to tongs. It is the size of a regular spatula, only there are two.

  • Slide bottom spatula under the burger, omelet, etc.

  • Gently squeeze the spatulas together

  • Then flip your burger, omelet, etc.

  • When done, do the same as above, and place your food on a plate.

  • Bon appétit!

I Admit... I was clumsy at firs. This would be great for sighted people as well. Especially for your little beginner cooks, wanting to cook their own French toast.

Here is a link on Amazon, prime elligible. Note: If you purchase through this link, we may receive a % of the sale price.

  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

I use Bump Dots to align the dial to the setting that I want. I usually use the 38 minute Quick Wash setting. I also use the Drain and Spin setting when doing towels. After I am done with the wash cycle. I listen to the first beep, when I turn the dial to the right. I don’t have it marked because, I know it is only one beep from the wash setting.

Then I do the extra Drain and Spin. I do this so that the towels are in the dryer for less than 30 minutes.

You can get a pack of multi size Bump Dots by following the link to Amazon.

Note: If purchasing through this link, we may receive a small % of the sale price.

  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Then it had to be approved. I was wondering if they would… I still can’t use Pinterest like I would like to or like you do, but I am learning how to post on Pinterest or should I say the right word is called pin. Till next time-CHERYL Hope you are all well. Be happy. Smile. I hope you can make the best of whatever comes your way today.