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  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Join me on Friday 12pm ET when I interview SHANNON VANBERGEN. Shannon is the USA Today’s Bestselling author of the Glock Grannies series.

On your Alexa device or app say, “Alexa. Enable ACB Radio Community.” Lady A will take you directly to the channel. If using the internet, go to:

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Learn more about SHANON at:

  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Updated: Nov 4

Happy Monday. Each book has a link that will take you to some free coloring pages. We even have one for, “Can you put a harness on Sammy?” Have fun while learning.

  • Cheryl McNeil Fisher

Updated: Sep 30

I have written a memoir with a beautiful lady who lives at the Montgomery Nursing Home. 

Denice will soon be 95. She and the residents have been 

quarantined and isolated for 6+ months. 

Please consider purchasing a pre-release copy of Denice’s memoir called Time Capsule.

Her story will leave you wanting to know more about her beautiful life.

The cost is $10, which includes taxes & shipping.

Time Capsule is available via my new website at

As a special way to pass the love onto the muse of this work and perhaps relate to some of her life experiences, your book delivery will also include a card with an addressed and stamped envelope to Denice, to share your thoughts and wish her a Happy Birthday. She will be so happy to get your personal feedback!

Follow the link to my website to read a synopsis and purchase your book. 

It will truly mean a lot to me, and even more to Denice.

Love from Cheryl

I received the highest review from her son:

“I need the Roget’s thesaurus to express my feelings of gratitude and 

compliments of all the talents you possess.”