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     In 1975, the Education for Handicapped Children Act became law. The name change to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act paved the way for mainstreaming of children with all handicap challenges into the community school. Children with visual loss or blindness maybe or one day shall be students in your community schools and we have a fun educational way to bring this topic to your staff and students.

Students Write Their Own Stories

Each student will receive a 12 page booklet that they will keep. Prior to the workshop, I encourage students to bring photos, magazine clippings, or original illustrations for the cover. For adults, while illustrations are not necessary, they do stimulate the imagination!

Adult writing workshops

So, you want to write your memoir!


Date and Time to be determined

Topics of Presentations:


We Are Differently Abled

- Coping with Blindness in Life's Challenges

- Having A Guide Dog Has Changed Her Life

- Engaging Conversations Using Oversized Illustrations; incorporating the illustrations demonstrates some of the ways we need to position ourselves, such as on an escalator. Students want to know how to perform my basic daily living tasks. The illustrations also opens up the conversation about literacy, and the importance of reading and writing. Students are surprised that I write books. How do I use a computer? How You Can Publish Your Book?)



Working with a Guide Dog:

          -Training process ends from puppy to being paired with a blind person.

          -How we work together. ADA Laws.

-Challenges & Benefits 

-How does a person qualify for Guide Dog?

           -How do we work together?

            -How does the dog know where I want to go?

Cheryl welcomes and personally replies to inquisitive questions from students via email.

Presentations are adjusted to meet the appropriate student's grade level, all the way from preschool to adult groups. 

Trailer created by Miss Deem's first grade class in Charlotte, NC

What was your favorite part of Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go to the Mall? Student feedback

Students respond: What was your favorite part of Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go to the Mall?