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Cheryl has been educating and inspiring audiences for over twenty-five years. Her speaking career began after she suddenly lost the majority of her eyesight. In the beginning, she was sought after by schools and organizations, to speak on topics of blindness, using a guide dog and overcoming life’s challenges.

Her company, Living Inspired Fully Everyday (L.I.F.E.), has evolved into, as she describes, “A life beyond my wildest dreams.”

  Cheryl speaks to audiences of all ages throughout the United States. She is an author, keynote speaker and podcaster.

“Don’t give up. We are all differently abled. My challenges may be obvious. Yours  may  not be so obvious. You may struggle with a certain subject,  shy or insecure, or...  Whatever it may be, we can find a solution. We can shift gears. We can walk around the wall, rather than continue to hit our heads on it. We don’t have to live in the problem. Let’s live in the solution.”

Cheryl tailors her presentations and workshops according to her audiences and as per your request. Contact Cheryl for more information.

“The only thing worse than blindness, is having sight with no vision.” Helen Keller


Your Story

Each participant will receive a blank 12-page booklet. Prior to the workshop, participants are encouraged to bring photos to inspire their creativity.

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Writing Workshops

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Topics of Presentations

We Are Differently Abled

- Coping with Blindness in Life's Challenges

- Working With A Guide Dog Enhances Life

- Engaging Conversations Using Oversized Illustrations; incorporating the illustrations demonstrates some ways we need to position ourselves, such as on an escalator. Students want to know how to perform my basic daily living tasks. The illustrations also opens up the conversation about literacy, and the importance of reading and writing. Students are surprised that I write books. How do I use a computer? How You Can Publish Your Book?)



-Working with a Guide Dog:

          -Training process ends from puppy to being paired with a blind person.

          -How we work together. ADA Laws.

-Challenges & Benefits 

-How does a person qualify for Guide Dog

-How does the dog know where I want to go?

Trailer created by Miss Deem's first grade class in Charlotte, NC

Teacher and Kids in Library

What was your favorite part of Cindy Lou and Sammy Too Go to the Mall? Student feedback

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