Skype with Mrs. Deam's 1st grade class in Charlotte, NC

I Skyped with Mrs. Deam’s first grade class, in Charlotte, NC last week. Sanka sat in a chair that he has never been in :). While I sat on the floor and chatted with the class, they were able to see Sanka over my shoulder. He heard and saw them on my iPad. I was a sked some questions that I have never been asked before. “Did I like the Tar Heels?”Who? “The Tar Heels.” I just laughed and told the little boy that I had no idea who he was talking about. “It’s a basketball team.” Oh, I’m sure my husband knows who they are. I bet they are a great team. I received a happy face. So….. Another boy gets up and asks, “Who is your favorite football team?” You’ll love this answer: “Whoever is winning.” We all laughed and then I said I like the Giants and surprisingly I received a few claps. Phew! I didn’t want to offend anyone. The next little boy says, “Who is your favorite baseball team” I knew we were heading towards coving all sports and thought, I better nip this. Laughing with them, I said that I liked the Yankees. Again receiving some applause. I like all sports, but due to time, I couldn’t go through them all. eah! They were happy with that. :) I was impressed that the students felt comfortable asking me personal questions. As always, the time was too short. We plan to Skype again before the school year ends, for more Q & A. I love the diversity and dynamics that happen with each group I talk to. Skype or classroom. Small groups or assemblies, I never know what they will ask. I am blessed to be doing what I love to do.

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