Humility with children.

Need a boost? Stand in front of groups/assemblies of elementary students, and allow them to ask you questions. Nothing is off-limits! I thought it interesting that for the first time, a student told me that I didn't look blind. It was interesting to hear why I don't look blind:

* Your eyes are open. Blind people have their eyes closed.

* You aren't wearing sun glasses.

* Bind people have cloudy or black eyes.

* You are looking at us.

Interesting, right?

I explained to them that not all blind people close their eyes. I explained that I have a little vision and how they may be able to simulate it.

If I was totally blind, I would still be able to look at you when you are talking to me, because I would hear your voice. I explained that sometimes I wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive to the light. At that moment, I didn't need them.

I pray bfore each visit, presentation, engagemet..., that I bless them as much as they bless my spirit.

Smile! It will immediately change lift you, and you may be the only smile a person sees today.

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