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I am humbled and honored to receive all complements/reviews. This one goes right to the top, because it is from a fellow guide dog user, Jane Sheehan, GDUI. We all know how a word, a sentence, a compliment can brighten someone's day. Thank you, Jane, for brightening my world! I am honored and with her permission share this with you:

On May 25, 2015 Jane Sheehan wrote: Hi Cheryl, I just read Cindy Lou and Sammy Too! What a lovely little book! I went onto a book app I have that searches for books by keyword, and just for kicks, I searched for guide dogs, and there you were! Hey, I know her, I said to myself!

Thanks so much for portraying the guide dog lifestyle so accurately and in such an enjoyable manner!

Jane Sheehan GDUI Guide Dog Users, Inc.

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