Apple has a Foul Mouth

​Apple has a foul mouth. Thank goodness my email went to a close friend who knew that I would not have said what Apple dictated from my ipad. After each update, the dictation gets worse. Yes, thank you Apple, you have been working on the voiceover causing crashes and screen freezes, but you have a foul-mouth. Did you know that Goggle dictation will not curse? Try it. All you get is the first letter then ****. Now, that is not so for Apple. They CREATE curse words. How do you get F*** from the word Hope? I emailed a friend and said I hope you had a great weekend. I did not listen to it before I sent it. And guess what Apple dictated? I hope you F***** your weekend. Yep, you may be laughing your butts off. Thank goodness, I can laugh about it too. But could you imagine if that went to someone who took it literally? I know my sister is roaring out loud over this. My friend couldn’t wait to call me to tell me what “I said”. HAHA. In reality, she knew what had happened.

It is not the first time. Most of the time, I listen to my messages. That time, I didn’t. I only had a couple of sentences… never thinking of that word coming from the word hope.

I used to advocate for Apple and its accessibilities. No More! I would never recommend an ipad or iPhone to a blind or visually impaired person. Yes, Apple still has some great points, but WATCH OUT Apple, you are continuing to lose face with all the problems you continue to have with each update. Not only with those of us who are blind and visually impaired, but for sighted people as well.

I have had an Android phone for four years. I just purchased a new one and have no regrets. Love it. And as the dictation on the Apple devices continues to deteriorate, not just cursing, but accuracy…. The Android and Google are 95% + accurate. Thank you Android and Google. J

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