Car Service Adventure!

​Tuesday morning the car service was scheduled to pick me up at 7:30 am, for a 9 am appointment in White Plains (an hour from my home). At 7:35, I thought, I better confirm that someone is on the way.

“Oh, S…!” is what I heard after I was asked to hold on. Hmm, I thought! This is not good. The dispatcher apologizes for the mix up. A car will be at my house by 8 am. Okay. That can work.

I get to the car and open the back door, because the driver didn't get out of the vehicle.. First thing he says, “The dog comes too?” After he watched me struggle, leaning over Sanka and trying to get the door closed, he decides to get out and in a slow meandering walk, come around to shut the door. It’s now 8:10am..

In Newburgh, he stops. “I have to gas up.” Oh, and did I mention we were having a bit of a communication challenge? After filling up and chatting with a man in the lot, he get in and announces, " I have to put air in the tires." "We want to have a safe ride, since we are going to the circus, with all the traffic." What? I'm thinking, I am already there! We left Newburgh at 8:45 am. :)

I was doing some work, when I began to feel whoozie. I asked which way he was going? “9W. We just crossed the Bear Mountain Bridge.” We just came over Storm King Mountain and were about to go over Bear MountainBy the way…..I get carsick in the back seat!. Yep…an adventure, indeed! J

We got there safely, a bit late.... Yes, I was able to accomplish my business. Through it all, the most disheartening discovery was that this nice man, has been in the United States for 58 years and still has difficulty communicating English. What else can I say? It is discouraging to have the communication difficulty, even more so, because I can’t see what he may be trying to communicate.

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