Yuck in Your Coffee Pot?

Today, I put my hand in the reservoir and felt some residue. Instead of running the vinegar through, I let it sit for 15 min.

Coffee pot unplugged, vinegar still in reservoir, I used a white paper towel to clean inside.

OH MY GOODNESS! I felt some guck in the bottom corner. So I used a toothbrush, as well. When I turned on the coffee pot to run the vinegar through, it was not a pretty sight. GROSS! I rinsed the reservoir in the sink, then wiped it out with a dry towel. Next I ran another full cycle of clean vinegar, which came out almost clear.

This is another example of using the sense of touch rather than sight. If You looked into the back of our coffee pot, it looked clean. (I capitalized YOU because I know some of you wise guys are thinking… "Well how could she see anything in the reservoir of a black coffee pot?")

If I just ran the vinegar through, it would be cloudy, but NOTHING like it was after I used the paper towel and toothbrush.

A bottle brush and some vinegar would be a great way to clean your coffee pot, if your hands (with or without gloves) won’t fit. I prefer the thin latex gloves foremost tasks, since they minimally inhibit my sense of touch. Most of the time, I don’t wear gloves, because I use my hands to see. So, I keeps nail brushes and anti-bacterial lotion by all my sinks. Even the sink by our pool.

Point is, there is a lot of “yuck” in our coffee pots! Many people forget that there are oils in coffee. Take the time to thoroughly clean your pot, and AHH, the coffee you will have! Don’t just run the vinegar through, invest in a brush!

First pot of vinegar I put down the say which also works to freshen pipes. The second ot of vinegar I poured in one of the toilets. Vinegar is one of the great, all-around cleaners!

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