Do you double space at the end of a sentence?

I still catch myself with the automatic 2 space thumb move. Because of my blindness, I listen to the written , rather than see it. I felt a bit embarrassed that I was making this mistake for so long. It wasn't until Windows 7 and an updated MS word that spellcheck was correcting the extra space.

It's especially frustrating when I'm paying someone to edit and they continually make errors and expect me to be able to edit. I've been told in a shaming tone, "You need to spellcheck this for spelling and grammar." Even the most expensive screen readers, do not pick up spelling, grammar and punctuation. Only recently did I feel validated by a sighted instructor and a professional blind person who said that things may take a bit longer, because I need to have someone else look at it. The spelling errors happen, not when I'm typing but when I'm using dictation. Apple dictation is horrible. But that's a whole-other conversation.

When I first lost my sight, I was taught to use a white cane. My instructor told me I would learn patience like I've never known before. Thank you God for patients. Thank you Steuben Press, for the opportunity to share my opinion. Best to all!

BTW ~ I give Steuben Press ***** They have printed my first two books and will soon print number three.

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