The iPad Pro And This Blind Consumer

I took the plunge and purchased the 12" iPad Pro 32 GB with the Logitech keyboard case advertised on the Apple website. I tried two different Chromebooks. The Acer and Lenova. Both 11.6". They are impressive, but not for a blind/visually impaired user. Since I have an Android phone, I thought the platforms would be the same. Not so.

I also tried the Kindle Fire HD 10.1; Not as good as the reviews I read. It is not easily accessible for a blind user.

Android has the superior dictation. Android is about 90% accurate. Apple creates crazy phrases and curse words.

The iPad Pro automatically recognizes the Logitech keyboard. No Bluetooth paring and no separate charging. The case keyboard works off the ipad battery. And… it doesn’t drain the battery.

I did not try any Windows devices. I won’t even take a chance with Windows and viruses. Too many years of that! I haven't had those problems since I switched to Apple and Android.

There are quirks with all technology. The challenge with accessibilities is that the tech companies want to get that “Next” product out or “Upgrade” to make things better. Even sighted people have problems with some of the updates and upgrades, so the tech companies scramble to fix them. In the meantime, accessibility slides backwards a bit and has to be put on the back burner until they can play “catch-up”. Hmmm… catch-up seems to never happen, does it? But for all the delays and glitches, Apple is the best for this visually impaired consumer. I am grateful for technology… especially when it works!

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