Familiar With The Ninja Blender?

Familiar with the Ninja Blender?

My hubby bought me one yesterday because my blender broke. Love the size and easy controls. But... Have you seen the NINJA BLADE THAT IS IN THERE?

I am visually impaired. I'm used to the blade being at the bottom of the blender. Not a mega-sharp-spiral blade down the center.

Yeah, you know what is coming right?

I put my hand in the blender to take out the cardboard. Cut my finger real good. :)

So... I told hubby that he is wonderful for buying a top blender, but I'll stick with a blender wwith the blades on the bottom.

The Ninja blade lifts out easily, but then I have to put it in a safe place and clean it. Maybe if I use an Ov -Glove?


Ninja blender

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