Practice Spelling and Share the Love

******* PARENTS ********

STUDENTS can practice spelling, while doing service. Bring a smile to some special people. Imagine how you feel, not being able to go out. They are back to total quarantine - in their rooms, with the door closed at all times. Lets remind them that they are not forgotten. They are loved.


Please choose one or more. Brighten someone's day. Mail to person chosen at Montgomery Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, PO Box 158, 2817 Albany Post Road, Montgomery, NY 12549 Thank you! Names with hearts ♥️ lhave a pen-pal.🎄 is receiving 1 holiday card. Share the love.

If you live nearby, You can drom the cards off . In the front, there are two sets of doors, You can leave the cards, inside - between the two doors. No one will come to the door, but they will pick up the cards, bags etc, throughout the day.

YOU stay safe, and so does everyone inside. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE.

Add a ❤️ + 🎄 next to those youchoose, or tell me and I will update.








-Barbara B🎄🎄

-Barbara H.❤️








-Dorothy D.❤️

-Dorothy F🎄🎄


-Erbon P 🎄🎄






-Helen Mae🎄🎄

-Helen B🎄🎄

-Helen V❤️

-James M.♥️



-John B🎄🎄

-Joseph M.🎄


-Julia 🎄

-Julia S🎄








-Margaret D🎄

-Margaret H🎄


-Mary P🎄

-Mary S.🎄

-Mary Jean🎄









-Robert 🎄



-Rosemarie C.🎄

-Rosemarie K.🎄








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