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Cheryl McNeil Fisher - Author of Children's books, Speaker, Educator



Birthday Book cover shows Sammy in harness and Cindy with Purple top and jeans. Cindy is holding onto Sammy's lead as he greets four dogs, including a German shepard, a beagle, a bulldog, and a dauchshund. Balloons surround them and everyone is joyful. The title of the book is in purple and reads "Surprise Sammy! It's Your Birthday"

The third book of the Cindy and Sammy series, which chronicles the adventures of a young blind girl and her guide dog, holds several surprises. The book itself, “Surprise Sammy, It’s Your Birthday!” details the surprise party for Sammy, who has been Cindy's guide dog for about two years. He is four years old, and his human and dog friends get together to throw him a birthday party with decorations, treats, gifts, and games! The book is as fun and informative as the other Cindy and Sammy stories, and will be a wonderful adventure for children to enjoy. It even includes a recipe for a dog biscuit birthday cake!                   

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The most delightful surprise contained within the pages of this book is not the story, although it is a treat to enjoy. It is the story of how the illustrations came to be created by an 11 year old girl named Angel. Author Cheryl McNeil Fisher met Angel at the Y2Kids career day her class attended and learned that Angel had a dream of illustrating a book. Fisher gave Angel a business card and Angel called her back, showing that she has a great deal of determination to make her dream come true. This book is the first of two that Fisher and Angel will be doing together.                                           

“It is so important to nurture creativity in young people. When Angel called me to follow up after our meeting, I knew we had to work together. She sent me samples of her work and we talked about ideas. Angel had so many great contributions to this book, including the names and characteristics of Sammy’s canine friends and their humans.” Fisher said.  “In this age of computers, phones, and tablets, encouraging creativity in children is more important than ever. I want all young people to know and understand that if they work hard and follow through, their dreams can come true.”                               


For Fisher, it is a special pleasure to help someone like Angel achieve her dreams. “You never know when your dreams will be achieved,” Fisher said. “For example, my 82 year old aunt recently told me that she has wanted to illustrate a book since the age of 11. We are going to make that happen in the near future.” Helping people achieve their dreams is a special calling for Fisher, a woman who understands that nothing can stop us from doing the things we truly want to do, no matter the obstacles we may encounter. 



Mall  Book Cover  shows Cindy and Sammy walking on Mall sidewalk. Mall is written over the domed main entrance. Cindy is wearing Purple long sleeve top, her jeans are tucked into tall black boots. Sammy  is happily by her side, in harness. A handsome Golden retriever.

Colorful and heartwarming chapter book entertains and explains to children the vital role of a guide dog in the daily life of a blind person. "My name is Sammy and today my friend Cindy and I are going to the mall. I'm her guide dog and my job is very important. Cindy is legally blind and it's my job to keep her safe."

The story will help children better understand the challenges Cindy faces and how her guide dog provides invaluable support. As Cindy Lou and Sammy travel through the shops, people stop to pet Sammy, but Cindy kindly asks them not to, explaining that he's working and needs to remain focused on his job. The book expertly explains why others should never disrupt a guide dog. Sammy also shares the rules he follows in his daily life, such as why he is only allowed to eat at certain times during the day, and what certain commands from Cindy mean to him.

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Zoo Green ferns border the edges of the cover.   ZOO is in larger letters than the rest of title. A polar bear is looking through one O, a Spider monkey is looking through the other O. On the bottom half of cover, under the polar bear and monkey, Cindy and Sammy are smiling at a Mother zebra and her baby.

A fun and educational story, narrated by Sammy the guide dog. Cindy and Sammy will show you commands such as right, left, find the stairs, find a door, and much more.

Delightful and entertaining. Learning is fun with this guide dog team.

Meet the colombus monkey, giraffe, zebra, black rhino, polar bear, giant river otter, Humboldt penguin, panther, tiger and Spunky the spider monkey. Heartwarming and engaging with educational tidbits about each new friend and their habitat.

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Apple Batter Up  The title is in a dome over two girls.  They are both wearing the same clothes, but different collor tops. Girl on the right has a purple shirt and jeans. She is holding a basket of apples in her hand. Her head is next to her sisters. She wears a “tight-lip” smile.The girl with the pink top has her head tilted next to her sister’s with a full mouth smile, arm around her sisters back, She looks like she is about to have a fun time. She too is holding a basket of apples.

Apple Batter Up is based on a true childhood story. Piper and Kylie have adventurous spirits that continually amaze their Mom. While Mom is out for a visit, the girls invent a new game called "Whack-the-Apple." Laugh outloud fun, with a game that consists of a twirling baton and a bushel of apples. Oh, and the game is played indoors! 


“Oops!” What do you think Mom will do when she walks through the door? The girls respect their mom, but they sure know how to have a blast!

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Nabbed  Dark sky background filled with shiny stars. In the middle of the cover there is a white horse with wings, flying through the sky. On his back, stands a Golden Retriever with a blue cape, that has a capital S on it.

A story that will delight children of all ages. Lily wanders off without telling her Molly (her owner). She just wants to lay in the pretty purple flowers. She'll be back before anyone misses her.

Suddenly..."Hey...who are you? Where are you taking me?"

Will her friends be able to save Lily before the dog-nabbers sell her? A magical passage in a back panel of the barn transforms Boulder, a Golden Retriever, and Duke, a white draft horse, into super heroes - Bolter and Lightning! A story about friendship, teamwork, and accountability and knowing how important we are to each other.

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Big Ben Clock

time capsule

Born on a gorgeous fall day in late September 1925, Denice Maier would be raised by resilient parents who nurtured her and instilled in her the core values of hard work and determination through adversity. Her parents had each come from solid, robust lineages themselves so it was only expected that their union would make them even stronger. The close relationship she had with her two brothers as the family relocated throughout Westchester County, New York was lively and playful but would later challenge her spirit and mature her. Later in life, Denice would find romantic love not just once but twice - with Sal Reale and Jim Saunders - and become a mother herself to John. Her professional colleagues, friends, and family experiences would transform her into the wise woman she is today.  As written in the introduction of this book, “as you experience many of the challenges and tragedies with [her], [Denice] prays that you feel the perseverance, dedication, strength, and love of family. May you embrace these memories and share them with generations to come.”

Pre-Orders made before December 1st '20 will include a card & stamped envelope to write to Denice for her 95th birthday, the holidays, or just to say hi and send feedback!
Time Capsule book cover displays The Tiffany clock at Grand Central Station in New York City. At the top of the cover reads: Denice Maier Reale Saunders, Time Capsule, written with Cheryl McNeil Fisher
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Audiobook Coming Soon!

Author's Reflections on writing Time Capsule

       "Two years ago, I began volunteering at the Montgomery Nursing Home with my retired guide dog Sanka, (a golden retriever). During our pet-therapy visits, Denice and I became more acquainted, while Sanka soaked up her loving pets and ear rubs.
       Several years prior, a volunteer wrote a one page story for some residents about their lives. After reading Denice’s I asked her if she would like me to write a more in-depth story for her. We began meeting one-on-one, bi-weekly, then weekly, and before we knew it... we were on our way to a memoir.   

      I consider Denice a good friend. If we had met in those younger years, we would have had a real hoot together. My time with her has been filled with some sorrowful memories, but the majority of the time, we have had full-out belly laughs.
     Due to the corona virus separation, our final work has been done via phone and face-time, after reviewing hard- copy drafts sent via USPS. There will always be more that we could add, but it is time to get this into print and embrace what we have accomplished. My heart is filled with love and admiration for her strength and positive outlook. I celebrate Denice and pray that I may deal with life’s challenges as gracefully as she has."

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